Gentle Thunder is a GRAMMY® nominated multi-instrumentalist, recording/performing artist, composer, producer, teacher and musical intuitive who lives in Mount Shasta, CA. Her musical journey began in Kirkland, WA at the age of thirteen as a rock drummer and by the age of seventeen, she was playing drums professionally. She played drums for several Seattle area bands until she was called to move to Memphis to record and perform.

In 1990 she moved to Memphis, TN for 2 years and while in Memphis, Gentle Thunder’s music switched from her rock drumming roots to her Native American roots after becoming captivated with her maternal Native American Cree ancestry and the magic of the hammer dulcimer. While researching her ancestral Cree heritage, she awakened her spiritual path, left the rock-n-roll business, moved back out west but this time to Mount Shasta, CA. On her new path she took up the hammer dulcimer, Japanese Taiko drumming (with teachers Jeanne Mercer and Russel Baba), ceremonial and sundance drumming.

Answering the call of her spiritual path led to the Co-Founder's of The Ehama Institute WindEagle and RainbowHawk based in the mountains near Santa Cruz, CA. They offered teachings of the Mother Earth, Ancient Earth Based Wisdom teachings, that felt like "home" and her spiritual name came to her and she began to walk as Gentle Thunder. Gentle Thunder went on to study with them for 3 years commuting back and forth before she re-located to Santa Cruz, CA for 2 years. She traveled with them and assisted in ceremonies in California, New Mexico, Wales, Germany and England.

She recorded her first original solo compositions on hammer dulcimer in 1998 with the release of "Awakening Remembrance". Having performed in the U.K., Canada, U.S., Greenland, Denmark and Europe, Gentle Thunder has obtained an international following with her distinctive style and heart-filled presence.

Mount Shasta called her home once again in 1999 and in 2000, she began playing the Native American flute and piano. Upon her return to Mount Shasta, she attended The College of the Siskiyous for 2 years. She explored and received additional training in computer technology, creative writing, music, dance and theater. During her time at C.O.S. that even though she was a highly talented computer programmer, it became clear that no one else could bring HER unique musical gifts to the world and that there was no understudy. Simply said, nobody else could make the music she did...each of us has our own unique voice and so she fully committed to her music as a career and to the sense of something far greater than herself that came through her music. It was time to serve in this way. She is largely a self-taught musician on every instrument she plays, with little formal training (and grateful to her teachers she has had along the way). Her soul stirring style engages, inspires and enchants audiences wherever she shares her music and story.

In 2004 she debuted a beautiful solo Native flute album entitled "Winds of the Heart". "Beyond Words", Gentle Thunder’s third release, a trio album with GRAMMY® nominees Will Clipman & AmoChip Dabney, was GRAMMY® nominated Best New Age Album in 2006 alongside Enya, Peter Kater, Andreas Vollenweider and Enigma. The Wall Street Journal’s Jim Fusilli said “the music is direct and organic.” RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter said, “Music that is heartfelt, haunting, glorious, enchanting and celebratory”.

Gentle Thunder’s 2007 solo release, "Opening the Gate" features an alluring alliance of her hammer dulcimer and Native American flute artistry and was nominated Best Native American album in the New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards. "Music that calls you back home to your heart... unique and inspiring.” by Bette Timm - Aura Magazine. During 2007, Gentle Thunder produced flutist Ann Licater’s "Following the Call" and produced and played flute on singer/songwriter Mariee Sioux’s "Faces in the Rocks" debut CDs. It was a very full year!

Her latest recording appearance was playing her ancient Redwood flute on a track entitled “Coyote Prayer” on acclaimed singer/songwriter Beth Wood’s 2010 release "The Weather Inside" produced by Billy Crockett.

Other projects have included composing the musical score for Mount Shasta City Dance Theater's H20 Manifesto, a multi media theater dance performance directed by Krista Miller; performing at and facilitating weddings and celebration of life ceremonies; touring solo and recording with her 7/20 Twin Will Clipman, and made guest cameo appearances with Craig Chaquico (former guitarist and writer for Jefferson Starship) and his band.

More recently, her focus has shifted from touring to working as a musical intuitive with groups and individuals, offering vibrational alignment sessions, flute lessons and only occasional concerts. Wherever Gentle Thunder plays music she allows herself to be played as an instrument through which Great Spirit speaks. Gentle Thunder is a musical intuitive, deeply devoted to being of service to all life and to help humans remember their authentic self where ever she offers her music. She is available for individual sessions in person or via phone.

Whether creating music for performance art, dance, film, performing solo, producing or performing with other artists, teaching, speaking and performing in schools, facilitating sacred events or collaborating in service with non-profit organizations, Gentle Thunder is passionately dedicated to walking a path of beauty, honoring all life as sacred and bringing the vision of wholeness to all she does. Information and bookings call Gentle Thunder at: 530-925-4495
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