What others are saying about Gentle Thunder . . .
“Gentle Thunder’s music is direct and organic.”
Jim Fusilli - The Wall Street Journal

“Gentle Thunder’s opening grand hammer dulcimer immediately grabs your attention and calls you home to your heart, to your center, to a welcomed place within.”
Bette Timm, Aura Magazine

“Of course, when I read the liner notes and saw that the CD (Following the Call by Ann Licater) was co-produced by the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist (and fellow Native-influenced flutist) Gentle Thunder, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. GT, as she is known, is the consummate musical perfectionist (as well as being a passionate and spiritual person) so her sonic fingerprints were easy to hear.”
Bill Binkelman, New Age Reporter

"Faces in the Rocks" features eight songs that meld together the best of the folk-pop tradition with a contemporary vibe, tempered with traditional American Indian instruments and spirituality."
The Sacramento News and Review

“This artist is dear to my heart, my little daughter of the Universe. She has her footing solidly planted in a reverence for Mother Earth, combined with REAL talent on several instruments. Her collaboration with major Native American & jazz musicians plus nominations for important music awards, puts her in the forefront of other contemporary artists. Open your heart to her creativity & let the warmth sink in. It’ll carry you thru many a cold night by the campfire.”
Captain Christopher, WTUL Radio Music Director

What others are saying about Beyond Words . . .
Gentle Thunder's third release is brilliant! Weaving her melodic magic through lush musical landscapes provided by Clipman's world percussion and Dabney's captivating improvisations, the talented Thunder woos the listener with every single note!
Gene Bates, Whispering Wind Magazine

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What others are saying about the journey evenings . . .
“After the journey evening, I felt as though all of my cells were cleansed of fatigue.”
A. M. - Mt. Shasta, CA
“My journey evenings with Gentle Thunder and her glorious music continue to profoundly change my life. The journey was so full of love and passion for the divine, that I now listen to her music almost daily.” Naomi Marie – Ashland, OR
“The journey evening was lovely for me. I was embraced by a musical experience that was both personal and expansive. I felt supported by the music, love and safety in the environment to allow myself to go deeply into my journey." Marguerite Ogle – Sante Fe, NM

" For me the journey was very moving and expansive... An experience of beingconnected with a higher source of insight and a deeper source of peace." Amy Cooper - Mt. Shasta, CA
What others are saying about the music . . . 

"I met Gentle Thunder and I bought her two CDs, "Awakening Remembrance" and "Winds of the Heart". Every time I play her music in the shop the CDs sell out. They have a unique impact on people who hear them that I cannot quite explain, except to say that the quality of her musical ability plus the message they carry mesmerize the listeners.

A customer of ours, who is a classical musician on the east coast, was so impressed with her music that she buys them as gifts for her friends and colleagues. She told me that the purity of the sound is something she has only heard in few musicians of her experience.

As for myself, the music puts me in a place far off that I never realized I had left. It is haunting, and kind, and flows with a spiritual, earthy harmony. Simply put, it is really fine music."

Shelly Labinger, Big Sur, CA
Music Buyer, Phoenix Shop, Big Sur, CA


" On Winds of the Heart, each piece evokes, through the tone of a single Native American flute, the poetry or prayer of Breath rising from the collective, noble heart. Gentle Thunder's playing is true and timeless, both personal and universal.

Michou Landon - Music Reviewer, Mt. Shasta Magazine

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