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My journal is a new addition to my site... here you will find some of my stories, adventures and musings as I make my way in this amazing journey of life.


June 10, 2006

On the road, headed to Los Angeles, to appear on KSBR "Morning Breeze" at 88.5 FM on the dial, Sunday 10 to 11am. For those in the greater L.A. - San Diego area please tune in! After some business in L.A. I am heading to Tucson, AZ to offer an intimate evening Beyond Words with Will & Amo on June 17th at the Historic San Pedro Chapel. We are being presented as a part of the Rhythm & Roots series so for tickets visit their site. More.


June 14, 2006

On the road... I am heading to Tucson, AZ to offer an intimate evening Beyond Words with Will & Amo on June 17th. We will be on KOLD TV in Tucson which is the CBS affiliate at noon on Friday June 16th for those in the area to get a taste of what we do. I had an amazing time in Los Angeles and thank you to all the listeners and folks who called in while I was on KSBR 88.5 FM The Morning Breeze Thanks "DJ" for a great ride... it was an honor to be on your show. I also deem June 12th to be WOWWWZAHHHH DAY. I met Will & Amo on June 12th just one year ago and my life has been so touched and blessed from that meeting and all that has come from it. So now we reunite to offer their hometown folks a taste of the magic we three weave. I am grateful for my life and the MYSTERY that is unfolding. Thanks for all the support!Enjoy every precious moment!


June 25, 2006 NEWS FLASH

Belated Solstice greetings! I had a great trip to Tucson and thank you to all of you who came out to our gig at the San Pedro Chapel. A special thank you to Rhythm & Roots and co-directors of Odaiko Sonora, Karen Falkenstrom and Rome Hamner, for joining us for the show and sharing the magic of TAIKO!
The news flash is that the new album that I recorded with Will Clipman and AmoChip Dabney entitled Beyond Words received its first nomination!! Yes indeed for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album in the 2006 Indian Summer Music Awards! We are honored and excited!! I am working out the details for me/ we to go back east to be at the festival as well as play in Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities area in MN. More on that as it becomes clear. The album jumped from #47 to # 8 on the top 100 New Age Reporter charts in May and we are awaiting June charting. There is a great review for Beyond Words on the home page of New Age Reporter


July 11, 2006

Full moon blessings and joy to you... oh my what a powerful time. I feel filled with gratitude and I am delighted to share a bit of news with you and also let you know about a radio interview I will be doing this week. I will be on the air on THIS Thursday night July 13, 2006 from 7-7:45ish pm PST. The station is in the Mt. Vernon, Washington region. So for those Washingtonians see if you can tune on the dial and the station also streams live on the internet !! Which means you can click on the ksvr link below, follow the directions to the listen live broadcast section and listen from your computer anywhere in the world!! Feel free to drop in and listen ... the show is called NAAMPAH ... it is a Native Show hosted by DJ Robin Carneen. KSVR 91.7 FM www.ksvr.org . Feel free to call your local radio stations and request some Gentle Thunder music of your choice. Thank you in advance for the support, past and present, as I share this magical journey with you and be sure to enjoy every precious moment...
Love and gratitude, Gentle Thunder


July 18, 2006

The New Age Reporter charts are up for June and Beyond Words climbed the charts to #5!! Thanks to all the DJ's who have been spining the record, to all those who are requesting it out there, and for the un seen support that is appreciated. Ck out the Chart . Feel free to keep calling your local radio stations and request some Gentle Thunder music of your choice. Enjoy every precious moment...
Love and gratitude, Gentle Thunder


July 20, 2006...GT AND WILL'S BIRTHDAY!

Today is a shared day of birth for me and Will… he is like my twin… yep for those of you who have Beyond Words will now understand the name of track two- Seven Twenty Twins.
What a day…I feel called to post a journal entry for all those who choose to read what my heart has to say on this day of birth… I am filled with gratitude for the love in my life and the deep well of grace that I drink from everyday. I have spent a good deal of this day reflecting on my life… on my last year, the past many years, my life/s and all that is yet to be created THIS LIFE. I am in awe of the Great Mystery and how we are all connected.

I was gifted by many calls and emails from my dear ones (thanks y'all), even having Eric Alan from Jefferson Public Radio play Seven Twenty Twins for Will and me… how great to have that go out over the airwaves TODAY! I gave myself the gift of swimming in the lake, sharing a meal with dear friends and going to see the GREAT movie
“An Inconvenient Truth". My appreciation is immense for Al Gore's dedication and his entire team who made this film. From my perspective it is A MUST SEE for ALL (yes all!) of our global family of humans… with this information and the heart of the humans engaged, WE CAN DO ANYTHING and swiftly. That is hopeful seeing as it is needed like uhhh yesterday! So knowing that we are powerful co-creators and also recognizing the ONENESS more than ever, I give thanks for the opportunity to say THANK YOU on this day as we honor what we have created, learn from it and choose differently from here on out. I am honored to stand in circle with all of you who stand tall for the highest good of ALL. Remember to enjoy every precious moment!
With love, beauty, joy and respect, ONE GENTLE THUNDER… remembering…

August 8, 2006... GT & Will "7 20 Twins" Duo premier

Oh my can I just say Wowwwww... what a great time was had by all as Will and I premiered our 7 20 Twins Duo in Mt. Shasta, CA!! It was a great time celebrating together and also a special birthday gift of rhythm heaven for the Momma... and the first of many duo gigs to come. Will and I got to spend a well appreciated day OFF at the great Mountain and had a magical time being on the mountain amidst the dragonflies, warm winds and ancestors. After a lovely swim in Lake Siskiyou we shared a great meal with my Mom at the Mt. Shasta Resort as the FULL MOON rose on Mt. Shasta... once again giving thanks for an amazing life and the power of connecting with spirit family... thanks bro!
With love, beauty, joy and respect,
Gentle Thunder


August 30, 2006... GT on the road

Well here it is the last day of August and a long over due journal entry is finally happening. What a ride of late getting this tour together...I have send out my BIGGG thanks to so so many who helped bring this sacred dream into manifestation.

I am officially on my Indian Summer Tour and currently in Longmont, Colorado with my dear friends and allies Marguerite and Chuck.Chuck Wilson engineered, mixed and mastered my first album "Awakening Remembrance" and Marguerite held great space oh so many years ago (and still does).

I have had quite a time since on the road already. The event at East West Bookstore was a great kick off to the tour and thanks to those of you who came out for that. I have traveled from California through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. What amazing beauty and it is great to see some new regions. Yesterday I spent the day in Boulder, CO at Silver Wave Records where I received a wonderful heartfelt welcome by Allen Wollard and James Marienthal. It was great to meet up in person with other allies doing great work in the world via the magic of what we call music. Thanks for everything!

I then went onto Arvada, CO where I was able to meet the Four Winds Trading Company crew and share my music live with them. Shout out to my friend Gale Chapman for making that happen and thanks to all the crew there for the warm reception... it was a great time!

I am now headed north to the Black Hills, Pine Ridge and Wounded Knee region to spend time in personal ceremony, giving thanks, paying respects and offering prayers as I go. It will be an honor to play flute in these places... I feel very held by so many seen and unseen allies as I make this trip of a lifetime. As I feel humbled and in awe of my life I give deep thanks!
Mitakuye Oyasin! (All My Relations)

Listen to your heart and on the winds you will hear some of the music ...I will write more soon and remember to enjoy every precious moment!
With love, beauty, joy and respect,
Gentle Thunder… remembering…


September 2, 2006... GT in the Black Hills, SD

The moon shines brightly on this night in the Black Hills... it has been an amazing couple of days on the road. I drove from Colorado into Nebraska, stayed in Nebraska and then drove up to Canke Opi Wakpala (Wounded Knee Creek) to the Wounded Knee Memorial,SD. There is a Wounded Knee museum in SD and online that shares more information about Wounded Knee. It was my first time to the memorial site this life... I spent a very impactful time offering my prayers and my respects. Each and everyone of my flutes came out to sing and even I sang...sang to the ancestors, the spirits present holding space and the spirits of our future. Our future that RE MEMBERS the truth of oneness... we are all related. It is time to honor the past by moving forward toward that which we all dream and know to be possible. I celebrate the power of uniting the clans, the hearts of all people and coming home. I sang the welcoming song... I pray that we all respect those who have come before us, honor all that has taken place, learn from it and be inspired to live our dreams in balance with all life. I still believe that if we engage our heart and gather as a circle, we can DO ANYTHING. So here's to the Mystery unfolding.
I drove by the light of the moon and landed just outside of Hot Springs, SD. I rested long and deep... a well needed rest for this traveler. When I rose, I spent time writing, digesting all that I have experienced of late, drinking tea and playing flute. A lovely day indeed. Recharge time!!
There is a nip in the air and as we move toward the harvest full moon, I feel the coming of autumn.

Today my journey took me through the beautiful Black Hills and I was greeted by MANY deer, rabbit,wild turkey, hawk and of course the tatanka, great buffalo! I spent time hanging out with a large herd of buffalo and played flute to them. What a blessing for me. They are so massive and seeing them always reminds me of my past and gratitude pulses through my veins. I traveled onward to the Crazy Horse Memorial where I worked diligently to take in alllll the art and artifacts in the vistors center that have been donated by so many in honor of this man known as Crazy Horse or Tashunca-uitco (1849-1877) and to support this memorial. What an awesome dream manifest by scupltor Korczak Ziolkowski ... and that lives on with Korczak Ziolkowski's family.
"Never forget your dreams"... Korczak Ziolkowski...these are good words.
I actually offer my first performance on September 6th which was the day that Crazy Horse was killed in 1877 and the first trio concert is the next night on the full moon!
In the morning I will visit Mt. Rushmore as I travel east toward Minneapolis.
So as I prepare to rest for the night, I am filled with a sense of power and peace... it is an honor to be alive and to be walking this path of beauty.

Can you hear the sound of OUR heartbeat and the sound of the flute in the distance? ...until the next entry be well, be kind and may your heart be stong.
With love, beauty, joy and respect,
Gentle Thunder walking softly


September 9, 2006... Indian Summer Music Festival / Awards

Here we are in Milwaukee, WI at the 2006 Indian Summer Music Awards and we performed our showcase last night! It was great to be here and to help kick off the 20th Anniversary celebration. Tonight is the awards ceremony and so I will update the website as soon as possible after to let every know what unfolds.
We had a great time in Illinois and giving thanks for all the great community that welcomed us and shared in the magic of the music together. We head to Minneapolis for our final show on Sunday and look forward to more of the more!
Mitakuye Oyasin! (All My Relations)

It is an honor to be out sharing the love and I am reminded to enjoy every precious moment!
With love, beauty, joy, excitement and respect ,
Gentle Thunder… remembering…


September 13, 2006... GT Heading West

Whewwww... what an amazing Indian Summer Tour!!!

Greetings from the Black Hills in South Dakota. My brothers Will and Amo are back in Tucson, AZ and I am passing through this beautiful region once more on my way west. Another first for me is that I am going to drive through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone on my way to Seattle, WA for the First annual Flute Quest this weekend in Kenmore, WA. The festival goes all weekend and I perform from 12-12:45 pm on Saturday. There are other great players on the bill so check out the website link for more information.

OK so the news that I promised regarding the Indian Summer Awards is finally happening... the award went to Arvel Bird - Animal Totems 2 in our category. Congrats to Arvel who is a fine musician and also won the NAMMY this year. He is having an award winning year. Our very own percussionist extraordinaire Will Clipman, actually recorded a great album called Ananeah with Arvel, Mary Redhouse, William Eaton that is now on the market so if you like violin, check it out. It has gotten many a spin in my CD player.

So onward we go to our next nomination and the time at the Indian Summer festival was great...we saw old friends, met many new friends, touched many people with our music and feel honored to be one of the top five nominees. A special shout out to John Sarantos for all he did to bring us to the festival!

We drove directly into MN and on Sunday night did a concert in the Twin Cities which was such a great time!! Thank you to my circle and all the great community who worked to get the word out and to create such a lovely time... we will be back! Monday night was a powerful gathering at the new Prairie Winds Healing Center that is being birthed in the Twin Cities. It is located on a powerful piece of land with a beautiful sanctuary that has been created over the past 17 years. I played solo and Will & Amo joined me on a couple of improv pieces that were very deep and touched all of us. There was a dedication for the peace pole that will be installed as well as sent out great healing love and energy around the globe on 9/11. A good time to send out love rather than support the fear that is promoted in our country these days. We drummed on the One Heart Circle's new Mother Drum and sang out ... calling forward the truth of one heart beat! It was a very sweet and powerful completion to the Great Lakes portion of my Indian Summer Tour.

May we all remember to be kind to one another and to love fully... every precious moment is all we have.

It is an honor to be out sharing the love / music and I am looking forward to showing up in my old hometown and offering what I do now! I left Seattle in 1990 as a rock-n-roll drummer and return offering the Native American Flute and Grand Hammer Dulcimer alchemy. See you there if you can make it... if not feel free to beam in... time and space is really an illusion. :)

With love and a gratitude filled exhale,
Gentle Thunder...driving


September 20, 2006... GT Heading North to Canada

Hello from the Gateway to Glacier National Park in Montana... I finsished my tour and have driven about 6100 miles in 3 weeks... yowzahhh what a great time.

I am pleased to be traveling with my little companion Pogo and my Mom as we head to Canada to see our family. Yes just a few thousand more miles to go. heehee

My time at Flute Quest in Seattle was stellar and I will write more about that as I have time. Thank you to Brent Haines, his family and alll the Seattle Flute Circle and crew who put on that first time event. I hope to see lots more people take advantage of it next year. I loved seeing old friends and family and meeting new. What a blessing to finally share the musical gifts I offer as I left Seattle in 1990 as a rock n roll drummer and well now...ya know I am doing some different things. :)

I am filled with gratitude as we head toward Friday, the Fall Equinox... the time of balance and HARVEST. It is a good time to be grateful for all we are harvesting in my life. I myself am in deep awe at the magic and power of the Mystery and all that has come to me this year.

So as we travel through Alberta, British Columbia and head back to Seattle by the end of the month I send love on the winds to each of you... Be kind to yourself remember to enjoy every precious moment.

With love and awe at the beauty of the Mother Earth,
Gentle Thunder

For more stories from the road please visit my blog.

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